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The Lakeshore Culinary Institute offers you the opportunity to take home new culinary skills and stay on top of your hospitality industry training. Some of the area's finest chefs share new ideas and techniques for the home chef during evening classes throughout the year. Hands-on workshops as well as tasting and observing sessions give you a chance to release your inner gourmet. And for those already working the culinary field, the Lakeshore Culinary Institute brings convenient continuing education seminars to its top-notch facility. The Vollrath Company Demonstration Center provides the ideal setting for classes and seminars.

   Upcoming Courses at Lakeshore Culinary Institute
Baking Certificate Classes - Enroll Now!

CourseDescriptionClass# DayTimeLocationDate Cost 

Artisan Breads #2

Enriched Doughs

Basic Baking #2

Pies & Tarts

Basic Baking #3

Cakes & Custards

Artisan Breads #3

Laminated Doughs

Advanced PatiserrieT5pm-9pmCulinaryTBD
For more information:
Intro to Baking (10-316-101) can be substituted for Baking 1, 2 and 3.
*This class requires a chef coat and hat as well as non-skid shoes.

For those needing Serv-Safe Certification

...provides face to face safety training, testing and materials to food service managers. The Serv Safe Manager certification test is included and a passing score earns the Serv Safe Food Protection Manager Certification.  Book and test included.



Community Education Classes

Watch as the instructor shares tips and techniques for preparing these culinary delights. Students will get to taste and enjoy all of the creations at the end of class.

Brunch Favorites $28.92
Teaches students how to duplicate some favorite brunch dishes at home. The basics of cooking eggs and making classics with a twist will be covered. 
Class# 65502     10/24                      W            6-9p 

French Pastries $28.92  
Teaches how to whip up awe-inspiring pastries in one’s own kitchen in no time! Don’t letthe fancy French names fool you, these really are approachable desserts for the home cook. 
Class# 65568     10/10/18                W            6-9p

Fresh Pasta and Sauces $28.92  
Teaches students how to make pasta dough from scratch and create noodles of all shapes and sizes. Students will also discover how to prepare simple, seasonal sauces to accompany the pasta. 
Class# 65498    9/19/18                 W            6-9p

Knife Skills and Autumn Soups $28.92

Teaches essential soup-making techniques for creating a variety of classic favorites, and honing essential knife skills. Secrets for layering flavors, creating delicious ingredient combinations and seasoning like a pro will be shared.
Class# 65500     9/26/18                   W            6-9p 

Pies and Tarts $28.92
Provides techniques to gain the confidence needed to create stunning pies and tarts at home. Making pies isn’t as hard as you might think!
Class# 65569     11/7/18                   W            6-9p

Spanish Tapas $28.92
Teaches the creation of small portions with a Spanish flare. Selected participants will prepare Chorizo and Potato Tapas, Cilantro Chicken Fiesta Pepper Tapas and the exotic Sangria Delight.
Class# 65566     10/3/18                   W            6-9p

Sour Dough Breads $28.92
Teaches how to make sourdough loaves. It’s something everyone can do at home. Learn more about the process and how to make breads for family holiday gatherings. Learn how to keep a little sour dough starter in the refrigerator and how to maintain it. 
Class# 64171     11/29/18                R             6-9p


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